About AFPP

The American Foreign Policy Project (AFPP) is devoted to empowering voices of reason in world affairs. In particular, it aims to foster analysis and reporting that will equip the American public to choose wisely among foreign policy options.

AFPP was founded in 2007 and since May 1, 2014 has been operated by The Nonzero Foundation. In its original incarnation, AFPP focused on policy development. The approach was to convene teams of policy experts to examine critical foreign policy problems and develop consensus recommendations for peaceful and effective solutions. The initial project focused on the Iranian nuclear issue and was led by Ambassador Thomas Pickering and nuclear expert James Walsh of MIT. In its new incarnation, under the auspices of The Nonzero Foundation, AFPP continues to focus on the Iranian issue, with an eye to expanding coverage to other areas as resources and opportunities permit. But its approach will shift from developing consensus policy recommendations to supporting insightful and illuminating reporting and analysis by journalists, scholars, and policy experts. Writing supported by AFPP will be published here on the AFPP website and, often, on major journalistic platforms via a co-publishing arrangement.

AFPP especially values writing that helps Americans appreciate how things look to people beyond America’s borders and what forces influence the behavior of foreign political actors. Such writing is broadly consonant with The Nonzero Foundation’s mission to expand people’s perspectives in ways that facilitate win-win solutions to non-zero-sum problems.